SET SUBJECTS Oct 2017 - Aug 2018 


October 2017 – Portraiture

close up 

If you can capture the person's character in the shot, you have achieved much.


November 2017 – PRINT in Monochrome - only one colour 


The set subject this month is a monochrome PRINT!. We are promoting prints, please rise to the chalange. 


December 2017 – Photo Talk Night 

talk night 

Bring 2 of your images and come join in the conversation as club members talk about their images.


January 2017 -  Architecture 


Capture the beauty of architecture in wide or close-up format.


February 2018 - Landscape


Some say that using a tripod improves landscape photography.


March 2018 - PRINT in Colour


The set subject this month is a Colour PRINT!. We are promoting prints, please rise to the chalange


April 2018 - Symmetrical


According to the dictionary: It is a photograph made up of exactly similar parts facing each other or around an axis; showing symmetry.


May 2018 - Still life / Tabletop


Tabletop photography is a branch of still life photography that focuses on capturing items that can be placed on a table.


July 2018 - Long Exposure

long ex 

With an exposure time of 1 second or more.



August 2018 - Wildlife


Wildlife photography does not include human elements and may not be digitally manipulated in Photoshop!







The list of SUBJECTS are as follows and will remain constant for all the future events:

1.      Large Depth of Field

2.      Shallow Depth of Field

3.      Movement & Motion

4.      Dogs Eye View

5.      A Day at .....

6.      Textures

7.      Composition

8.      Prominent Colour

9.      Structures

10.    Creative (post production)

Credit to Alastair Lawson from ALP for this concept

high key used regularly for model photography, flowers and other subjects that are relatively feminine in nature

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