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The Krugersdorp Camera Club was started in 1930 and has been active ever since.

Below are some interesting articles and memorabilia found about our club.

Early history 1930-1959

1930 cameraRecords show that the Krugersdorp Camera Club existed as early as 1931. A photograph was entered in a competition during 1931 under the name of Mr. Cecil Coath ... winning him the first prize!

The club originally consisted of approximately five enthusiasts who met regularly in a small room behind the current E.J. Adcock’s-building. Cecil Coath was most probably the first convener and is considered to be the founder of the club.

Brannie Penny and Alf Shear counted among the first members of the club. Both played an important role in the history of the club. Brannie was chairman for many consecutive years and later became the first lifelong Honorary President of the club. He was one of the founder members of the current PSSA and served as PSSA President during the years 1960-1961.

Originally, only black-and-white print workers were active in the club. Later, the movie and slide sections followed. The club bloomed during those years and more than one monthly meeting had to be held in order to judge the masses of entries.

16mm camera2During the late fifties there were quite a number of enthusiastic club members. A 16mm enthusiast was Ken Sanders - the man with the friendly smile - who often acted as one of the judges in the ciné section of the club.

Another keen photographer was Harold Theunissen. On many occasions members gathered in his study to "talk shop" or discuss slides. He was a top judge and had an incredible knowledge of cameras and always gave valuable advice to the younger members of the club.

One of the most enthusiastic chaps in the club was Jack Burrell, who owned an electrical business in town. Many judging sessions were held at his home and Mrs. Burrell always supplied tasty refreshments. Jack produced some fantastic slides - remember in those days cameras were not as "automatic" as they are today. Getting a decent exposure was quite a challenge. It was necessary to use hand-held light-meters and the film had very little latitude towards over- or under exposure.

img1 eWho can forget Alf Shear who managed the photographic section at Adcock’s Pharmacy? Alf was always able to give good advice on the choice of film or cameras. His slides were generally of outstanding quality and he produced several winners.

Another photographic specialist was Will Jacobs, who managed the photographic section of his father-in-laws’ shop, Hinks. Will sold many a camera to club members at a small deposit and monthly repayments.

During that time, club meetings were held at the Luipaard Hotel. The manager put the lounge upstairs at the club’s disposal and many pleasant evenings were spent at this venue.



How close is close-up


"Lizards were taken with a 35mm camera from about 6 inches. In this article Roy Reinecke, Secretary of the Krugersdorp Camera Club, explains how 8mm films can be made at a distance of 5 inches."

Article published in AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHY of December 1961. (Price 25c)


3rd August 1966


Extract out of a Krugersdorp Camera Club Newsletter


December 1967 - Camera Club Braai


Brannie Penny is in the centre of the picture with the glasses. Recognize anybody else?


Doug Mego in action - 1967



24th November 1973


Piet Sparks (Sr) and Wally Wallis in a jovial mood


MILE STONE 30th May 1974 (1st colour print entered)


Extract out of a Krugersdorp Camera Club Newsletter


February 1983 Extract out of the club's Visitors Book






AGM -June 2001

Our then president Oom Piet Sparks taking a traditional sip out of the Van Vollenhoven Trophy




Members taking turns to shoot the beautiful model at Saturday 3rd November's photo rally.




Mike lending a helping hand to make the most of the fading light. Willem is hoping to get a Gold for his effort.



OUTING 24 Sep 2009

Gerhardt showing the model which way to turn

IMG 8141


RALLY 7 Nov 2009

Chris zooming in on the model

 MG 1386


2010 - World Cup

IMG 1082



Model workshop on a cold winter morning (not that the model shows it) during the World Cup


2011 - Krugersdorp Game Reserve


Wildlife photography during a workshop at the Krugersdorp Game Reserve.

The photo was taken by Istvan Nieuwoudt, our then youngest member of the club


2012 - Lesotho club weekend

 MG 0830

Getting stuck in the snow at 3100m while on a club weekend away to Lesotho.




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