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Articles: Digital Photography Review (dpreview.com)

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Articles: Digital Photography Review (dpreview.com)
  1. X-Rite's i1Photo Pro 3 Plus profiler can calibrate for difficult surfaces, brighter displays

    Calibration tool manufacturer X-Rite has announced an updated i1Photo Pro profiler that it says is designed to provide greater accuracy when measuring from heavily textured and high gloss papers. The professional-grade i1Photo Pro 3 spectrophotometer has a larger measuring aperture to compensate for imbalances caused by uneven surfaces and uses a polarizer to cut through reflections on high-gloss papers and on textured surfaces such as canvas.

    The profiler is also now able to read from much brighter displays when performing screen calibrations, with a maximum of 5K NITs allowed for. The i1Photo Pro 3, along with the i1Profiler software, can also be used to emulate M0, M1 and M2 conditions after a single scan to demonstrate how images will look under various types of lighting when optical brighteners are present in the target paper.

    X-Rite says the device has been developed in response to the broadening of the range of surfaces now being printed on, and the increasing brightness and resolution of backlit displays.

    X-Rite has also launched a new calibration table for those really serious about print accuracy. The i1iO Automated Scanning Table allows automated patch reading for reflective and transparent materials, and can work with a thickness of up to 33mm.

    The X-Rite i1Photo Pro 3 Pro costs $2199/£1750, while the i1iO Automated Scanning Table costs $2995/£2400. For more information see the X-Rite website.

    Press release:

    X-Rite Now Shipping i1Photo Pro 3 Plus

    The new i1Photo Pro 3 Plus from X-Rite is an ultra-precise spectral colour measurement solution that is optimised for Colour Perfectionists who print digitally on a wide range of specialised materials and surfaces.

    Birmingham, UK, 15th August 2019 – X-Rite Incorporated, the global leader in colour science and technology, is now shipping the new i1Photo Pro 3 Plus, a spectral colour measurement solution specifically designed for professional photographers who print on challenging textured and glossy photo media looking for the most accurate colour in their RGB print workflows. i1Photo Pro 3 Plus combines the new i1Pro 3 Plus spectrophotometer and i1Profiler software to deliver the ultimate professional-level colour management for displays, projectors, scanners, RGB printers and cameras.

    Current profiling solutions are limited in their ability to measure textured, rough, or uneven surfaces and cannot accommodate various material thicknesses. Many devices do not have the resolution required to ensure the highest colour quality when printing detailed patterns, metallic effects, or photography images. This leads to costly colour errors and rework, which impacts a photographer’s bottom line.

    “The i1Photo Pro3 Plus builds on the success of the i1 Family and removes the variability to create accurate ICC profiles on a broader range of photographic materials,” said Liz Quinlisk, Photo and Video Business Unit Manager, X-Rite. “Photographers will see the immediate value by incorporating the i1Photo Pro 3 Plus into their RGB print workflow, resulting in more accurate, repeatable colour and improved shadow detail, as well as a reduction of waste and an increased return on investment.”

    New in the i1Pro3 Plus spectrophotometer:
    Larger 8mm aperture supports new materials and substrates used in digital printing.

    Polarisation Filter (measurement condition M3) that reduces specular highlights and shadows to provide “better blacks” and richer colours on rough surfaces and glossy media, like canvas prints and fine art photo papers.

    High Brightness Measurement up to 5K NITs for ultra-bright displays.

    Simultaneously measure M0, M1 and M2 in a single pass to account for optical brighteners so photographers can quickly predict how colours printed on optically brightened substrates will look under different lighting conditions.

    New LED illuminant that improves device reliability. The i1Pro3 Plus allows for four measurement conditions (ISO 13655 M0; M1: D50; M2: UV Excluded, M3Polarised).

    Transmission scanning support for backlit materials.

    Longer scanning ruler to support wider charts.

    “We are used to seeing bumpy shadow measurements from unpolarised devices on glossy textured media like canvas. With the new polarisation feature in the i1Pro 3 Plus, our M3 measurements are dramatically smoother in the shadows - perfect in fact,” commented Scott Martin, Founder, Onsight, a leading workflow consultant for print, prepress, design and photography.

    New X-Rite iO Table
    In addition, X-Rite announces a new i1iO Automated Scanning Table that supports the i1Pro 3 Plus hardware. This hands-free test chart reader offers automated colour profiling on a variety of substrates with reduced risk of colour measurement errors. It is ideal for colour perfectionists who want to speed up and automate the measurement process and eliminate manual strip reading. The new i1iO table can be used with a variety of materials including canvas, textiles, ceramics, corrugated, etc. and supports materials up to 33mm thick, with the optional z-axis spacer. It also supports transparencies and backlit materials.

    Additional i1Pro 3 Plus Solutions
    In addition to i1Photo Pro 3 Plus, X-Rite is now shipping these new i1Pro 3 Plus solutions:
    i1Basic Pro 3 Plus – includes monitor calibration and quality control for monitors and printers
    i1Publish Pro 3 Plus – includes CMYK+ printer module and all features of i1Photo Pro 3 Plus

  2. Moment launches 37mm Cine filters and mount for use with smartphone cameras

    Mobile photography company Moment has launched a new 37mm Cine filter set for smartphones, including a compatible mount. Though Moment already offered a series of filters, those products were designed for the company's mobile lenses. The new 37mm Cine filter set, however, is made for use with a phone's camera using its native lenses.

    The new filter mount is designed for use with Moment's existing smartphone cases for iPhone, Pixel, OnePlus, and Galaxy models. Users who don't already have a Moment phone case can order the new 37mm Cine filters and mount in a bundle that features a phone case, 37mm ND filter and 37mm CPL filter. This bundle costs $99.96 USD.

    The new 37mm Cine CPL phone filter set is available with the mount and CPL filter for $49.98 USD, plus there's a 37mm Cine ND filter set with the mount and ND filter for $39.98 USD. Both new filters are scratch-resistant and feature hydrophobic, anti-static, anti-reflective, color-corrective coatings.

    The filter mount will work with any 37mm filters and the filters with any lenses with a 37mm filter thread, according to the company. The entire 37mm Cine filters and mount line is available now from Moment.

  3. Instagram says viral meme about new content ‘rule’ is a hoax

    Instagram has dismissed another viral spam image that is circulating on its platform, this one claiming that, starting tomorrow, all user content will be made public (including deleted messages) and that the company will be able to use images against users in court. Instagram brand communications manager Stephanie Otway told WWD, ‘There's no truth to this post.’

    The image has gone viral thanks to, in part, accounts with large numbers of followers that reshared the claim, including ones belonging to musicians, actors and politicians. The image tells viewers that they must reshare the meme to prevent Instagram from using their images and other account details, but doing so is pointless and only helps surface the spam content.

    This isn't the first time claims related to user content have gone viral on social media. Facebook was forced to address similar claims in 2012 and again in 2015, for example. Instagram details the information it gathers on users and how it utilizes that information on its official Data Policy.

  4. ON1 announces upcoming Photo RAW 2020 update, two mobile apps and ON1 Sync

    ON1 has announced the impending release of ON1 Photo RAW 2020 as well as three new products: ON1 Video, ON1 Photo Mobile and ON1 Sync Service. ON1 says in its press release that ‘in the coming months’ it will launch a ‘complete line of photo and video products to all levels of photographers providing an integrated creative workflow.’

    ON1 Photo RAW 2020

    The first product to arrive is ON1 Photo RAW 2020, a successor to ONE1 Photo RAW 2019 that brings with it new AI-powered features and more. Specifically, ON1 says Photo RAW 2020 will feature ‘AI Match and AI Auto, four filters in Effects (Weather, Sun Flare, Color Balance, Channel Mixer), Custom Camera Profiles with X-Rite, SmugMug integration, improved noise reduction, a map view, a Print Module, and significant speed/performance enhancements.’

    Additionally, ON1 Photo RAW 2020 will be available in eleven languages for the first time, including English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Italian and Dutch.

    ON1 says it plans to release a public beta for Photo RAW 2020 in ‘mid-September’ 2019. ON1 Photo RAW 2020 is available to pre-order as the full version for $99.99 and an upgrade for Photo Raw 2019 users for $79.99.

    ON1 Photo Mobile 2020 App

    ON1 has also announced it will soon release ON1 Photo Mobile 2020, an Android and iOS app that will allow you to both capture and edit Raw photos on your mobile device. According to ON1, the app ‘will allow you to capture raw photos on your smartphone using the pro-level controls you are familiar with on your interchangeable-lens camera.’ In addition to capture, it will provide basic editing tools to adjust the captured images.

    ON1 Sync

    Alongside the ON1 Photo Mobile 2020 app, ON1 has announced ON1 Sync, an optional service that makes it possible to ‘view and edit photos on all your devices without requiring you to store them in the cloud or a closed system.’

    The optional add-on for ON1 Photo Mobile 2020 will sync albums, presets and more between devices. ON1 doesn’t elaborate on how exactly it’ll work, but says ‘You can store your photos on your desktop or laptop computer, an external hard drive, in any of the popular cloud services or on your mobile devices, and you can still access them from anywhere.’

    ON1 also emphasizes its priority on privacy, saying using the ON1 Sync service won’t grant ON1 any additional rights to the content, nor will the company ‘have permission to use your photos for image analysis or any sort of marketing purposes.’

    ON1 Video 2020

    Last but not least, ON1 has announced ON1 Video 2020, a new video editing application that it says was ‘explicitly designed for the photographer.’ ON1 says it ‘will be a simple, yet robust video editor’ with tools for enhancing, tripping, editing audio, grading and sharing videos. ON1 says ON1 Video 2020 will work seamlessly with ON1 Photo RAW 2020.

    A public beta for ON1 Video 2020 is expected mid-November with a final release timeframe of ‘early 2020.’

  5. Sony FE 35mm F1.8 Review
    Sample photoSample photoSample photoSample photoSample photo

    As Sony's full-frame mirrorless lens lineup has grown, there is a certain irony that as the company started on churning out some really, really good lenses, like the 12-24mm F4, the 24mm F1.4 and the eye-searingly sharp 135mm F1.8, a large portion of Sony's customer base was yearning for something much simpler. And much smaller. And cheaper. For a couple of years, "I just want a 35mm F1.8!" was one of the most oft-posted comments underneath our Sony lens coverage.

    Finally, on July 9th in the year of our Lord 2019, Sony answered those users' prayers and released the FE 35mm F1.8. And peace did fall across the land, and there was much rejoicing - for about five minutes until we all found something else to complain about.

    Product images by Dan Bracaglia, all other photographs by Rishi Sanyal unless otherwise noted.

    Key specifications:

    • Compatibility: Sony E-mount (full-frame and APS-C)
    • Focal length: 35mm (52mm equiv. on APS-C bodies)
    • Maximum aperture: F1.8
    • Minimum focus: 22cm (8.7" - max magnification 0.24X)
    • Construction: 11 elements in nine groups (incl., one aspherical)
    • Weight: 280g (10 oz)
    • Dust and weather-resistant
    • Diameter / Length: 66mm x 73mm (2.6" x 2.9")

    The FE 35mm F1.8 joins the FE 28mm F2 and FE 85mm F1.8 in the non-GM, non-G lineup, and shares some similarities with both earlier lenses. You won't find any fancy exotic glass inside the 35mm F1.8, and Sony doesn't claim that these lenses are up to the GM standard of durability when it comes to weather-sealing, but they're sharp, small-ish and relatively affordable primes, all coming in at under $800 MSRP.

    You'll find just one unconventional piece of glass inside the FE 35mm F1.8 - an aspherical element, towards the rear of the lens.

    Placing the focusing optics at the rear of the lens allows optical designers to greatly reduce focus breathing.

    The FE 35mm F1.8 is the priciest of the bunch, at $750. This is noticeably more expensive than the film-era 35mm F1.8 lenses of yore, but as we'll see, just like the recently-reviewed Nikon Z 35mm F1.8 S, it belongs to a new generation in more ways than just one.

    The Sony FE 35mm's size, weight and cost make it a perfect companion to the A7 III, but it's equally at home on the higher-resolution sensor of the A7R III and A7R IV. In fact, - spoiler alert - we'd recommend it over the costlier Sony Distagon T* FE 35mm F1.4 ZA for almost every use-case.

  6. Nikon SnapBridge 2.6 update brings Raw image transfer support to Android, iOS

    Nikon has released SnapBridge version 2.6, finally adding support for Raw (NEF/NRW) image transfers when shooting with Nikon's WiFi-enabled camera models. The addition finally enables users to wirelessly transfer Raw images from a camera to a smartphone or tablet, something users have been seeking for years.

    In addition to Raw transfer support, SnapBridge 2.6 has added a number of smaller changes, including faster transfer of 2MP images, DSLR camera control for settings like shutter speed and aperture, simplified and faster pairing, an updated app design, a power-saving mode and location data with user-selectable accuracy.

    SnapBridge 2.6 is available now on both Android and iOS. Nikon has shared videos detailing how to set up SnapBridge with both Android and iOS on its website.

  7. DJI has most of the drones on its website listed as ‘out of stock’
    A search on DJI’s official online store confirmed that the Mavic 2 Pro is currently out of stock.

    DJI, the world’s leading drone manufacturer, is currently out of stock on most of its models including the Mavic 2 Pro and Phantom 4 Pro.

    DroneDJ’s Haye Kesteloo recently conducted a thorough search of their official online store and discovered that the only drones available for purchase are the DJI Mavic Air Fly More Combo, in all colors, the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum, the DJI Mavic Pro 2 (with the DJI Smart Controller combo), the DJI Mavic 2 Zoom with or without DJI Smart Controller, the DJI Inspire 2 and the Ryze Tello in all its variations.

    It’s been one year since DJI last released a consumer-grade drone to the public. The Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom have been wildly successful, but with DJI’s planned implementation of ADS-B sensors this coming January, not to mention the forthcoming Holiday season, it would make sense for them to halt production on models headed for discontinuation and focus on new releases.

    While a Mavic 2 Pro+ and Zoom+ are rumored, specs from what is being coined as the ‘Mavic Mini’ have recently made the rounds online. Reportedly this drone is expected to weigh less than 250 grams, meaning it won’t need to be registered with the Federal Aviation Administration. As rules and regulations are continually being pushed to allow flights over people and beyond-visual-line-of-sight, a lighter drone makes sense. Other possibilities for a near-future release include a Spark 2 and Mavic Air 2.

    Here is the full list of out-of-stock items on DJI’s website, thanks to DroneDJ.

    • DJI Spark Controller Combo – Alpine White
    • DJI Spark Fly More Combo – Alpine White
    • DJI Spark Controller Combo – Lava Red
    • DJI Spark Fly More Combo – Lava Red
    • DJI Mavic Air Arctic White
    • DJI Mavic Air Onyx Black
    • DJI Mavic Air Flame Red
    • DJI Mavic 2 Pro
    • DJI Mavic 2 Pro & DJI Goggles RE
    • DJI Mavic 2 Zoom & DJI Goggles RE
    • DJI Phantom 4 Advanced
    • DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0
    • DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 & DJI Goggles RE
    • DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ V2.0
    • DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ V2.0 & DJI Goggles RE
    • DJI Inspire 2 Professional
    • DJI Inspire 2 Premium

    While some of these items aren’t available through DJI directly, they can still be found through other third-party retailers.

  8. PhotoShelter launches FileFlow, a mobile app that lets clients access delivered content

    PhotoShelter has introduced FileFlow, a new iPhone app that makes it easier for photographers and their clients to find, share, and download images.

    In its current version, users and their clients can access and browse through shared content, search through image collections and galleries, batch download both original or JPEG versions of images, and directly share content using multiple methods, including email and various social media platforms.

    PhotoShelter describes its new app as a way for photographers to access their content using mobile devices and for their clients to access delivered projects on mobile. The company plans to equip FileFlow with support for uploading content and setting permissions for accessing the content.

    As well, FileFlow will offer a ‘Quick Send' feature for sending images, plus ‘other actions you would take on your desktop.' Clients will be able to view and download password-protected images, too. Android users will eventually get access to FileFlow, but it is only available on the App Store at this time.